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December 2, 2012

Navaja Negra (Black Razor) Conference

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Just came back today from the Navaja Negra (Black Razor) Conference in Albacete, Spain. Had a great time there, seen lots of old and new faces (they literally filled the room!) and after the talks had a taste of the Albacete nightlife, and a fantastic dinner where I left my mobile phone on the table unattended, and my fellow speakers kindly reminded me in a polite and civilized manner of the importance of locking one’s phone.

This time my friend Aladdin Gurbanov (@SeTx[X]) and I gave a presentation called “Take a walk on the wild side”, an introduction to the world of e-crime on the Internet. I’ll update this post when the slides and the video are online. They’ll be in Spanish only, sorry! Think of it a chance to practice what you learned in Spanish class. 😉

Update: Unfortunately not all videos are available! A fragment of our talk is available at Ustream. There’s also a summary of the conference (in Spanish) at the MADESYP Academy blog.

Yup, that's my new knife! }:D

The organization had a really original gift for the speakers this year: a traditional Albacetean Teja black razor.

April 20, 2012

Hackito Ergo Sum 2012

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Hi everyone. Last week I’ve attended Hackito Ergo Sum 2012, and I wanted to share with you some of the things that I found most interesting during the talks. This won’t be a detailed review of each talk, but rather an account of a few details on the talks that I personally found more interesting, in no particular order. If you’re looking for a detailed review of each talk check out this blog.

Oh, by the way. I totally made up the names of the talks. I think it’s more fun that way. 🙂

The event took place at the headquarters of the French Communist Party, and I have to say the conference room was quite impressive. It was an underground dome all covered with white metallic plates and lamps behind, giving a peculiar visual effect.

An additional advantage of this place is that some security agencies can’t send their spooks there. Hurray to the ridiculously outdated cold war laws! 🙄

One thing I didn’t like though, was that the slides were projected in a sort of tilted curved screen, making it a bit difficult to read the slides unless you were sitting in the middle. I don’t think I was the only one with this problem because I saw a lot of heads tilted sideways… 😉


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